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Ground Pet Transports for dogs and cats. Coast to coast pet transports for pets under 30 lbs every month

We are professional Ground Pet Transporters

We know that moving your pets can be a trying experience. We are here to help. As dog and cat lovers, we enjoy moving pets coast to coast. Our goal is to transport your pet as quickly and comfortably as possible, taking that worry off of your shoulders. We do ground pet transports for people that are moving from one state to another, going on vacation and want their pets along, snowbirds heading to better weather, military, professional athletes going from home to the area that they play at and ethical breeders and rescues. Many have told us that they easiest part of their move was our transport service.

Feel free to browse our pages and learn about us. We want you to be comfortable with your pet movers as we would want the same thing if we were sending our pets on a road trip with a pet transporter.

We only transport a limited number of dogs and cats coast to coast each month

We use a Hybrid vehicle or a mini van and purposely keep our space limited so we can give each pet the attention that we feel that they deserve. We consider each pet a family member as is ours and understand how important pets are. 
We take up to four in the hybrid and up to eight in the minivan. That way the deliveries are quick and the pets all get the the attention that they need

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The owners are a retired Police Chief and a former School Teacher. We do all of the pet transports ourselves.
We are licensed ground pet transporters
USDA License #58-T-0169
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